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Navigating Your Fitness Journey: Trust Your Coach

Why You Need a Coach:

The fitness world is a vast landscape, filled with an overwhelming array of options. It’s easy to be enticed by the latest diet plans, supplements, workout programs, or daily WODs.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that trying to do it all can be counterproductive. I’ve been there myself!

We’re all familiar with the concept of overtraining and the fear of injury. Yet, few realize that there’s an optimal amount of training, just as there’s an optimal amount of food to consume.

Too little, and progress will be sluggish. Conversely, excessive workouts yield the same result.

At our Chilltown Fitness, we’ve chosen CrossFit for our group training because it strikes a perfect balance. It’s not too little, and it’s not too much. Despite the intensity of CrossFit sessions, many are tempted to do more, like adding a “recovery run” or even fitting in multiple workouts a day. However, this is NOT the road to success.

Remember: More is NOT better. Better is better.

You have a coach. That coach acts as your compass.

Our coaches are here to guide you towards what’s optimal, not what’s minimal.

We believe in personally connecting with you every 3-4 months at Chilltown Fitness. We’ll sit down one-on-one, face to face. We’ll utilize the InBody assessment, discuss your aspirations, evaluate your progress, and then provide you with the most effective plan.

Book your goal review here. It’s an integral part of your membership!

What we DON’T want is for you to be left guessing.

We don’t want you to jump on fad diets just because others are doing them. We don’t want you to down a gallon of milk daily just because it’s trending online (fun fact: this was a CrossFit trend back in 2011, and we didn’t jump on that bandwagon). We don’t even want you to mirror what everyone else in the gym is doing, because their program is tailored to them, not you. Train in a group, personalize your approach: That’s what our coaches excel at.

You have a coach.

They’re your guiding light.

So, the next time you come across a tantalizing workout online and think, “Wow, that looks intense! I should give it a shot after tomorrow’s noon group,” consult your coach to see if it aligns with your goals. Trust me, I’ve been the eager fitness enthusiast who learned the importance of this the hard way!

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