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Embarking on Your CrossFit Journey: A Guide to Your First Class

Welcome to your first CrossFit class, where excitement meets nervous anticipation! In this dynamic environment, you’ll witness a variety of movements, different workout variations, and a contagious spirit of cheering and fist bumps. This marks the beginning of your thrilling CrossFit journey, surrounded by a supportive community eager to see you achieve your fitness goals. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your first class.

WHAT TO BRING All you need for your inaugural CrossFit class is a water bottle, comfortable workout attire, and flat gym shoes. The gym will provide any additional equipment required for the workout, ensuring you have everything you need.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN CLASS Check the gym’s schedule, ranging from early morning to evening classes, and reserve your spot in advance. Since classes have caps for personalized attention, informing the gym that it’s your first class is crucial. Visit the gym’s website or give them a call for reservation details and payment information if needed.

SHOW UP EARLY Arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign a waiver, familiarize yourself with the space, and learn about essential locations like restrooms and equipment areas.

FIND YOUR COACH Introduce yourself to your coach before the class starts, mentioning that it’s your first CrossFit experience. Your coach will guide you throughout the class, answering questions and ensuring a tailored experience. If you have any injuries, communicate them to help the coach scale your workout appropriately.

WHAT DOES A CROSSFIT CLASS LOOK LIKE? A one-hour group session led by a coach, a typical CrossFit class includes:

  • Whiteboard Brief: An overview of the workout, movements, intended stimulus, and scaling options. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar; the coach will guide you through.
  • Warm-up: Preparing the class for the workout ahead.
  • Skill Practice: Focused on movements related to the upcoming workout.
  • Workout Prep: Gathering necessary equipment for the workout.
  • Workout: The coach starts the clock, and everyone completes the workout together.
  • Cleanup: Post-workout camaraderie, fist bumps, equipment cleanup, and score recording at the whiteboard.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SCORE Record your workout score, whether it’s time, reps, or weights, on the whiteboard after class. CrossFit is measurable, observable, and repeatable, allowing you to track your progress over time.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO YOUR CLASSMATES Embrace the CrossFit community by introducing yourself to your fellow classmates. They understand the first-day jitters and can help you feel at home.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND CrossFit is challenging, but that’s what makes it empowering. Your first class is a taste of what’s to come—learn, have fun, and keep an open mind. Progress takes time, and this is your starting point!

NEXT STEPS Having experienced your first CrossFit class, consider signing up for a membership if you enjoyed the experience. The gym’s staff will guide you through the next steps, ensuring a seamless transition into your CrossFit journey.

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