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Saturday morning crew showing what crossfit is about at Jersey City Barbell
Our Saturated morning crew, showing off some muscles!

Dear athletes! 

Here it is, our very first blog post. The first of many. We will start sharing some tricks, advice, workouts, recipes, articles,… anything really that can inform or entertain our small community. Did I say embarrassing photos? 

We are starting with a post to follow up on the recent survey that a lot of you completed. So here is how we attach crossfit in Jersey City.

How did we kick off 2021?

At the end of 2020 and as many of you were either new to CrossFit or back from a few months of quarantine, we wanted to establish (or re-establish) some baseline with simple but challenging movements. You saw a first cycle of strength with back squat, shoulder press and large sets of deadlift, with some hints of conditioning and skills here and there. 

We asked you for your feedback in the survey and took some time to analyse it and brainstorm on how to implement it. 

So we kicked off 2021 making some tweaks on what we get our bunch of star athletes to do. The main theme coming out of the survey was that everyone was fairly satisfied with the class programming, with some favorite flavors here and there. 

So kept a strength component, some skills appearing closer to the weekend, some workouts with barbell, some with kettlebell(s), others with a partner (we have not got you to use a partner as weight, but that may come – covid limitations so far). 

We are 4 weeks into this cycle, with 4 more to go before we start one of the most exciting parts of the crossfit year (more to come on that). 

So what can you expect:

  • Strength: Same concept as what we did up to now , we will restart our sets of 5-3-1 with max reps on the last set for our deadlift, front squat and push press. We will end with testing your new 1 rep max on each lift at the end. Curious about this methodology? Check out its origin here
  • Conditioning: “Constantly Varied (not random), Functional Movements, performed at High Intensity”. The good ol’  phrase behind the foundational principles of the crossfit methodology. And we will do just that. Continuing to mix long, medium or short workouts, with heavy, medium, or light weights, using as much variations in movement patterns and equipment as we can possibly do in the current context (and weather conditions). 
  • Skills: we are focusing skills on some of the gymnastics foundations, with one or 2 sessions a week. Expect to continue to see some EMOM or tests. 
  • Olympic lifting: our focus is on clean and jerks, and we are also working on overhead strength and front squat this cycle. 
  • Testing / benchmark days: our Sundays will continue to be dedicated to this, with a mix of open workouts, “girls” and “heroes” benchmarks and other WODs that allow you to record your performance and see it improve over time. 

Question on any of this? Or just want to tell us we offer the best crossfit in Jersey City? Reach out to us via email/text or talk to us before/after class.

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