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Kick-start 2021 with the Crossfit Open

Special edition t-shirt

It’s March, which means there are less than 10 weeks before we can get out wearing shorts and t-shirts… and a mask accessory. Time to get a summer-ready body? Sure, but, for all of us doing fitness and staying healthy all year long, it also means: Crossfit open time! Time to put your fitness to test and see how much progress you have made with all the hard work you put in weekly. 

Why you should sign up

  • You get to have a ton of fun with our LMBG CF community.
  • You don’t get to work out with a big group of friends cheering you up very often. This happens every time during the open.
  • You get your name on the crossfit website and on the gym leaderboard to compare yourself against your teammates.
  • You can order our special edition T-shirt at half price ($15.50), with a free block of chalk for yourself on us – exclusively for Open athletes!
  • You will get great shots of yourself working out which you can brag about on social networks.
  • You get to see your progress over the years on your crossfit website profile (see how coach Matt progressed over time)
  • And one more: once you sign up, your coaches will finally shut up about it!

Already sold? Scroll down to the bottom to see how to sign up. Still not clear about it, keep reading.

What is the crossfit open? It is a global competition organized by Crossfit for all athletes, of all ages, genders, countries, abilities and crossfit experience. It is an annual event that brings together all of us part of our diverse crossfit community, and many more. This year, the competition will last 3 weeks, and like previous editions, is supported by crossfit affiliates across the globe. 

How it works: It runs from March 11th to March 29th. Every Thursday night at 8pm ET and for the 3 weeks of the competition, CrossFit will release several versions of a workout (workouts?) that needs to be executed by athletes before the following Monday at 8pm ET. Athletes perform the workout at crossfit affiliates where they get their performance and score validated by an accredited judge (your coaches), then submit it online at https://games.crossfit.com before the coming Monday at 8pm ET. Affiliate owners have until Wednesday to confirm that the scores submitted are matching. 

Athletes also have the ability to perform the workout outside of a crossfit affiliate by recording a video of themselves, and submitting both scores and video for validation. However, the standards for a video to be valid can be tricky and you have less guarantee that the judge reviewing your performance will give you a full score (and you don’t get to do it with 20 people cheering for you unless you bribed your neighbors into it). 

What if I cannot do a movement in one of the workouts? This year, there will be 3 different versions of the workout posted each week: Rx, scaled, and limited equipment. Athletes will have to choose only one of the versions each week. Like in classes, you should pick the version that allows you to complete the workout but which is the most challenging for you. You don’t have to do the same version for the 3 weeks. As an example, if there is bar-muscle-up one week in the Rx version and you need to do the scaled version which includes ring rows or pullups, you can do the Rx version in week 2 with burpee box jumps and dumbbell snatches. 

Why do we need to submit scores online? It allows you to compare your performance to the whole world. No joke. You can see how you rank globally, in your country of origin, in the gym, or in a custom leaderboard which you can create with your friends, even if they are not from the same gym. And by getting everyone’s score validated, it ensures full integrity of the ranking and that nobody can submit a score made with “Bro reps“. 

Sold? Go to https://www.crossfit.com and click on register to create your profile. It is only $20 for the full competition which will go entirely to the Crossfit company (we don’t take a cut). Make sure to add Let Me Be Great Crossfit as your affiliate so you can show up on our gym’s leaderboard (we still don’t take a cut with your doing this, it is just so that you show up on our box’s leaderboard).

A sneak peak at our special edition T-Shirt you can pre-order at half price ($12.5), (details on how to order will follow):

Crossfit open 2021 special edition T-shirt

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