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10 Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable

If I were to ask you about the importance of eating healthy foods, you would possibly respond with ‘ Yeah of course,’ wouldn’t you? And if I inquired about the significance of exercise for overall health and well-being, you’d probably shake your head in agreement. So, knowing that the combination of nutrition and fitness is the secret to a vibrant and healthy life, why do we sometimes neglect one over the other? Why do we put one to the background, only giving it serious attention when faced with a wake-up call, like struggling up a flight of stairs or a high blood pressure reading?

Through my experience working with hundreds of individuals at Chilltown Fitness, I’ve found that accountability is the key. We often allow ourselves to fall short repeatedly, but when someone else relies on us, we step up.

We honor our commitments to others because we’re afraid of disappointing them, yet we willingly let ourselves down time and again. We provide explanations for not sticking to our nutrition plans, think of excuses to skip the gym, and follow it up with a promise to start anew tomorrow—or better yet, on Monday. Meanwhile, we’re subconsciously adding up each instance of self-neglect as just another failure, gradually eroding our self-belief, rendering us seemingly incapable and weak-willed.

While it’s perfectly fine to lean on others for accountability in the short term, ultimately, it comes down to you. You must actively choose, day after day, to progress toward your goals. We’ll always be your biggest supporters and lend a helping hand, but without your commitment to the process, long-term success is elusive.

So, how do we stop this cycle of self-disappointment and establish a safety net for achieving our goals?

Here are ten strategies to hold yourself accountable:

  1. Immerse yourself in the community. We’re here to support you—it’s our mission! By not engaging, you’re missing out on a vital source of motivation. Who wouldn’t want a community of like-minded individuals cheering them on at every step?
  2. Set reminders on your phone. Treat your workouts like non-negotiable appointments. Set alarms to remind you when to start preping your healthy meals, ensuring you won’t resort to convenience over quality.
  3. Inform a coach of your class plans. By vocalizing your intentions, you’ve created an expectation that you’ll want to meet.
  4. Visualize your progress. Display a calendar prominently and mark off the days you hit the gym or stuck to your nutrition plan. Seeing your achievements add ups is gratifying and reinforces your determination to persevere.
  5. Share your journey on social media or a public platform. There’s power in putting it all out there. Even if no one follows up, making a public declaration increases your commitment.
  6. Capture your progress with photos. To recognize our progress, we must always remember our starting point. By comparing it to where we are now, we can appreciate the progress we’ve made.
  7. Schedule quarterly goal-setting meetings with an accountability partner. If you’re a member at Chilltown Fitness, we’re eager to help you schedule these meetings. If not, find a friend seeking accountability and make quarterly dates to review progress and set future goals.
  8. Frequently revisit your ‘why’. A goal is powerful, but understanding why you want to achieve it adds depth. How will it impact your life? How will it make you feel? Visualize yourself as the person you envision once your goals are met. Keep this ‘why’ close to your heart.
  9. Avoid an all-or-nothing mentality. Progress is a journey, not an instant result. Embrace the ups and downs, plateaus, and challenges. Acknowledge them, learn from them, and keep moving forward.
  10. Reward yourself for achieving micro-goals. Everyone loves an incentive, right? Celebrate smaller milestones on the path to your larger goals. Whether it’s a small gift for a five-pound loss or a reward for a week of disciplined nutrition, these acknowledgments can be non-monetary, ensuring they align with your preferences.

Remember, there are numerous methods to maintain accountability—find what works for you. What worked once may not work indefinitely, so keep things fresh to sustain your motivation for success.

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